Yasmina Reza’s plays have been adapted in over 35 languages and performed throughout the world in hundreds of productions as diverse as the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National in London, the Berliner or the Schaubühne in Berlin, the Burgteater in Vienna, as well as some of the world’s most celebrated theatres from Moscow to Broadway. Amongst other directors she has worked with Krystian Lupa, Luc Bondy, Jurgen Gosch, Tamas Ascher, Howard Davies, José Maria Flotats, John Turturro… and was twice awarded the most prestigious Anglo-Saxon accolades: Laurence Olivier Award (U.K.) and Tony Award (U.S.A.) for Art and God of carnage.
God of carnage, created in 2007 by Jurgen Gösch at the Zürich Schauspielhaus and later at the Berliner Ensemble, was performed in France at the Théâtre Antoine. The play which she directed herself boasted the following cast: Isabelle Huppert, Valérie Bonneton, Eric Elmosnino and André Marcon. After its creation in London and New York, notably with Ralph Fiennes and James Gandolfini, this work was then adapted to the big screen by Roman Polanski, in a film for which Y. Reza was awarded a Cesar for Best Scenario.
Comment vous racontez la partie (How you talk the game) was published by Flammarion in March 2011 and created in Berlin, at the Deutsches Theater in October 2012 with Corinna Harfouch and in France by Yasmina Reza herself.
As a playwright Yasmina Reza has published the following works: Conversations après un enterrement (Conversations after a burial), La Traversée de l’hiver (Winter crossing), L’Homme du Hasard (The unexpected man), « Art », Trois versions de la vie (Life x 3), Une pièce espagnole (A Spanish play), Le Dieu du carnage (God of carnage). She has also published a number of novels, Hammerklavier, Une Désolation (Desolation), Adam Haberberg, Dans la luge d’Arthur Schopenhauer (On Arthur Schopenhauer’s Sledge), Nulle part (Nowhere), L’aube le soir ou la nuit (Dawn Evening or Night), all of which have been translated in many countries.
Her latest novel Heureux les heureux (Happy are the happy)was published in January 2013 by Flammarion and was awarded the Prix littéraire of French daily Le Monde.
In 2010 she directed her first film Chicas starring Emmanuelle Seigner.