Book, lyrics & music: Scott Brown & Anthony King

2 M

Orchestra: 3


This hilarious new musical tells the story of Bud Davenport and Doug Simon; two best friends who put on a show together because they simply love each other so much.

It’s art, that imitates life which imitates art!

Bud Davenport and Doug Simon are the authors of a musical about Johannes Gutenberg.

At an open audition, they pitch the show to potential Broadway producers, but because the minimally talented and star-studded writers don’t have a cast or orchestra, Bud and Doug play all the parts themselves, wearing caps with the characters’ names on them, which they then change to list the different characters in the show.

The musical is written by the creators of Beetlejuice, Josh Gad & Andrew Rannells, who were both nominated for Tony Awards for their performance in Book of Mormons.

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