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  • Nordiska ApS is the largest performing rights agency in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

    The agency represents an increasing number of international plays and musicals in the above mentioned countries, as well as representing Nordic authors and composers worldwide. Each year Nordiska ApS license the rights to countless theatre productions.

    The agency has representatives in New York and London and maintain a close relationship with the Helsinki based agency Nordic Drama Corner Oy, which primarily handles the Finnish territory.

    The story of the agency begins in the Swedish town of Gothenburg, where Lars Schmidt ran the Lars Schmidt Teaterförlag – later Nordiska Teaterförlaget AB.

  • In 1975 Lars Schmidt sold the agency to the two sisters Hanne and Lone Wilhelm Hansen, who moved the business to Copenhagen, Denmark. In 1988, after taking over another agency, Strakosch & Nordgreen Teaterforlag, the Nordiska Strakosch Teaterförlaget ApS was formed.

    Still expanding, it is now owned by Fred Olav Johannessen, who bought the agency from Hanne Wilhelm Hansen in 2001, though they ran it together until May 2003 where she sadly passed away. In 2007 the agency changed its name to Nordiska ApS.

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  • Fred Olav Johannessen


    Phone: +45 33 48 90 09

  • Christian Jütte

    General Manager

    Phone: +45 33 48 90 01


  • Thomas Egedal


    Phone: +45 33 48 90 07

  • Niels Lyfeldt


    Phone: +45 33 48 90 02

  • Sissi Liechtenstein

    Foreign rights

    Phone: +45 33 48 90 01

Contract department

  • Patrick Maury


    Phone: +45 33 48 90 04


  • Bogholderi

    Phone: +45 33 48 90 00


  • Maria Randløv Balser

    Administrative Employee

    Phone: +45 33 48 90 05