Cast2 total (2 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
LanguagesDanish, English, French

The author and Nobel Prize winner, Abel Zorko, leads a secluded life on an island in the Norwegian circumpolar ocean. He is visited by the young journalist Erik Laursen, who has been granted permission to interview the shy author, for the first time in ages. At first, Zorko wipes the floor with him. The cold, intellectual author showers the vague journalist from the local paper with his bitter and sarcastic comments. He plays the cat after the mouse with Laursen, but then something unexpected happens. It turns out the two men have more in common than Zorko ever imagined. We rarely experience such a breathless tension in a theatrical text. The plot is constantly pointed into a new direction and the mood becomes more and more intense. The dialogue is dramatic and packed with unforeseen u-turns. We constantly believe that we know the truth, but do we really know? This is a story about glowing passion and deep, heartfelt love.