Original titleUNSCHULD
Cast10 total (5 F and 5 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
TranslatorMaria Tellander
AuthorDea Loher
LanguagesDanish, Swedish, Norwegian, English
Innocence is long lost and no one seems to be on the right track in this powerful play. Dea Loher connects poetry and politics when she tells stories from the edge of society. Bizarre stories about poorly adjusted people, who are basically innocent, but seem to carry all the guilt of the world on their shoulders. The eerie part is that you at no point feel that this should be out of the ordinary. Two illegal immigrants witness the drowning suicide of a woman without being able to save her. A young, blind woman who earns her money as a striptease dancer suddenly regains her eyesight after an operation. An older woman interrupts strangers and apologises for her son’s beastly actions. A man finds the meaning of life in his work as an undertaker. He makes the dead people beautiful for their death whilst his young wife is miserable from lack of love. An older, frustrated female philosopher slowly and carefully kills her silent husband. Busy drivers speeds along the jump of a suicidal man in order for the road block to be removed so that traffic can return to normal. The lost, homeless, despaired, leftover human beings in this play comfortably navigate around in the madness created by themselves and others. Intuitive and intellectual, surprisingly humoristic and bitingly sarcastic.