Original titlePAINT YOUR WAGON
Cast24 total (6 F and 18 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
This is the story about the itinerant gold digger Ben Rumson who explores the old West of America. One day he is so fortunate to find gold and due to the grapevine, people gather around him rapidly, hoping for similar luck. Shortly, a whole town has arisen of more than 4000 inhabitants and the place is named after Ben. Later on, after much hesitation, Ben decides to send his daughter, the only woman in town, to a school out East. Meanwhile Jennifer has fallen in love with the Mexican gold digger Julio but abides her Father’s wish, though by the time the gold mine is emptying she comes back to reunite with her lover. Before long the town resembles a ghost town, so Ben starts dreaming of new horizons and prepares once again to follow his guiding star, the ‘Wand’rin Star’ SONGS: Wand'rin' Star, I'm On My Way, I Talk to the Trees, What's Goin' on Here?, They Call the Wind Maria, I Still See Elisa, How Can I Wait?, In Between, Whoop-Ti-Ay, There's a Coach Coming In, Hand Me Down That Can o' Beans, Another Autumn, Take the Wheels of the Wagon. ORCHESTRATION: Violin I Violin II Viola Cello Bass Reed I: Flute doubling Piccolo, Clarinet and Alto Saxophone Reed II: Clarinet I doubling Alto Saxophone Reed III: Oboe doubling Clarinet and Tenor Saxophone Reed IV: Clarinet II doubling Bass Clarinet and Tenor Saxophone Reed V: Bassoon doubling Clarinet and Baritone Saxophone Horns I & II Horns III Trumpets I & II Trombone I Trombone II Percussion Guitar/Banjo (including stage guitar) Piano/Celeste Piano Conductor