Original titleNATTERGALEN
Cast25 total (6 F and 19 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationWorldwide representation
TranslatorPhilip Edmonds
This is a new spectacular adaptation of H. C. Andersen’s wonderful and harsh fairytale. Its visual and musical aspects have been put to the utmost use. It is the well-known fairytale about the real nightingale that is replaced by a replica, set at the magnificent Chinese imperial court. And so the story unfolds before the audience with plenty of court intrigues and malevolence. In this version, the fairytale has been lifted to an exotic and compelling universe where H. C. Andersen’s poetic text is transformed into amazing stage images, intensified greatly by Sebastian’s music that is a real sound feast of Chinese notes and modern musical pieces. The large cast allows duplications so the show is doable with fewer actors. SONGS: I Kina, ved du nok; Yang Guifej; Det bedste af alt; En højest mærkværdig fugl; Recension; Nattergalen på gårdtur; Længsel efter frihed; Kunstfuglens sang; Sangerkampen; Nat’ rap dance; Alt farer hen; Rygterne går; Talekor af gode og onde gerninger; Dødens dans; Ingen løn, men en kejsers tårer; Nattergalen på sin gren. ORCHESTRATION: Score Strings Bass Flutes Guitar Drums Percussion Vocal/Choir