Original titleKENDER DU SVIMMEL?
CastCast is not defined
Variable cast sizeYes
RepresentationWorldwide representation
TranslatorGreg Hanscomb
AuthorSven Holm
LanguagesDanish, English

This play was written for Odense Theatre in Denmark to mark Hans Christian Andersen’s 200th birthday in 2005. It deals with the poet’s complicated relationship with the Collin family. Sven Holm focuses on Andersen’s versatility behind the façade. It depicts his lack of self-confidence, his longing for acceptance and his search for beauty in a sober and honest approach. The play is built around his journeys throughout Europe with the young Jonas Collin. We are gradually whirled into dizzy universes that mutually reflect themselves in each other during small intermezzos between the scenes. We join him as he surrounds himself with admirers, princes, duchesses, bargees and prostitutes. We follow the aging Andersen arriving in Odense where he is appointed as an honorary citizen. This is a riveting and puzzling play which received excellent reviews.