BREAKING THE WAVES, The Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, Romania © István Biró


Cast9 total (3 F and 6 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationWorldwide representation
LanguagesDanish, Swedish, English, German

Dramatized by Vivian Nielsen
3 F / 6 M
This play is based on Lars Von Trier’s Grand Prix Du Jury (Cannes) winning film. The story takes place in the early 70s in a condensed and religious society on a distant coast in Northern Scotland. It is the story of Bess, a young, naïve and innocent girl and her deep experience of love. Bess is living in a narrow Calvinist world well protected by her family. She falls in love with Jan, an experienced and somewhat older man of the world and oil rig worker. Despite the resistance of the locals they marry, and Jan returns from the oil rig, while Bess is counting the days for his return. She is sure that their love is blessed from above, especially as she is convinced that she can communicate with God on a mental level. When following an accident Jan becomes paralyzed, he fears, that Bess will sever herself from a normal life. As he is chained to his bed he convinces her that he will recover more quickly if she finds herself a lover and tells him of their sexual acts.