Hans Christian Andersen was born April the 2nd 1805, and died August 4th 1875. He was born into poverty in Odense, Denmark, and went to Copenhagen and the age of 14, hoping to establish a theatrical career. He joined the choir at The Danish Royal Theatre. Subsequently, he was to attend the Latin school in Slagelse and Helsingør respectively, and graduated in 1828. H.C. Andersen loved to travel, and in 1831, he carried out the first of his many journeys overseas. His actual literary breakthrough happened when he published the novel imporvisatoren, 1835. However, his international fame was primarily caused by his fairytales. His remarkable career resulted in 156 fairytales and stories. In addition to the novels, autobiographies and travelogues. H.C. Andersen is translated into more than 100 languages, and his literary works and poetry is read worldwide.