The Reumert Prize 2020 was celebrated on the 21st of September 2020. Many great Nordiska works were among the winners and nominees…



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SKAM 3 – ISAK & EVEN, Aveny-T 2019


This year’s award for Best Childrens and Youths play was won by Aveny-T to which Nordiska playwright Line Mørkeby made the stage adaptation and leading actor Lue Støvelbæk won a talent prize


By Julie Andem (NO)

Stage adaptation by Line Mørkeby (DK)

2 F / 4 M

Danish original text

SKAM 3 is the story about Isak. About Isak and Even. About finding love and understanding one’s sexuality and feelings towards another human being – regardless of gender. About love being the biggest of all and that it has no limits.

SKAM 3 is based upon the NRK-series SKAM, produced by NRK in 2015-2017.


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BRØGGER Revolver på Republique 2019 © Sara Galbiati


Østerbro Teater’s stage adaptation of texts by Suzanne Brøgger won the prize for Musical theatre of the Year , to which Nordiska licensed the underlying rights.

Read more about Suzanne Brøgger HERE.


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AN EDUCATION, Østerbro Teater, Revolver 2020 © Sara Galbiati


Anna Balslev won a talent prize for her direction of


By Lynn Barber

Adaptation rights

English original text, Danish translation

Rainy England of the 1960s: 16-year old Jenny dreams of a life as a sophisticated, Parisian woman, but, in reality, she lives with her parents and attends a girls’ school. When she meets Simon – a charming hedonist and 20 years her senior – and her lust for life arouses as he sells her the dream of an extravagant way of life filled with cocktail dresses, parties, fast cars and true Parisian atmosphere.

A seducing tale about choices and consequences.


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AM KÖNIGSWEG, Husets Teater 2019 – Youssef Wayne Hvidtfeldt, Emilie Rasmussen, Lotte Andersen © Henrik Ohsten Rasmussen


Lotte Andersen was nominated for her leading role in Husets Teater’s performance of


By Elfriede Jelinek

Variable cast size and gender distribution

German original text

In Elfriede Jelinek’s satire on a US president, a blind seer attempts to decode the elected one in the light of the Old Testament, Greek mythology, German philosophy, Freudian psychology, The Third Reich, large-scale capitalism and right-wing populism.


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THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW, Aarhus Teater 2019 © Emilia Therese


Jacob Madsen Kvols was nominated for his lead in the Aarhus Teater performance of


By Richard O’Brien, Richard Hartley & Simon Beck

3 F / 7 M


English original text, Danish and Swedish translations

Since its first appearance at The Royal Court Theatre in June 1973, Richard O’Brien’s THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW has become the world’s favourite rock n’ roll musical. On the way to visit an old college professor, Brad Major and his fiancée Janet Weiss run into tyre trouble and seek help at the site of a light down the road. It’s coming from the Frankenstein place, where Dr. Frank’n’furter is in the midst of one of his maniacal experiments… so sharpen those stilettos for the rockiest ride of your life!


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