Original titleZORBA
Cast16 total (6 F and 10 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
LyricistFred Ebb
ComposerJohn Kander
LanguagesDanish, Swedish
ZOBRA is the Greek equivalent to ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ but comes with a somewhat harsher plot. It has also been filmed starring Anthony Quinn, and tells the story of the genuinely happy tramp Zobra who meets the shy and restrained Nikos. They become friends for life and as it turns out Nikos has inherited a deserted mine but alas, it brings nothing tragic. First of all, because it cannot be reopened, then a young man commits suicide by reason of unreturned love from a young widow; hence his family takes revenge by murdering her and lastly the death of a French coquette named Hortense, who was in love with Zobra. Nevertheless, despite all the misfortunes, Zobra is determined to live life to the fullest. SONGS: Life Is, The First Time, Top of the Hill, No Boom Boom, Broken Record, The Butterfly, Only Love, Bend of the Road, Khania, Bouboulina, Happy Birthday, I Am Free. ORCHESTRATION: *Electric Harpsichord/Conductor’s Score (Piano may be substituted) Bouzouki/Mandolin *I & II *Reed I: Flute, Piccolo Reed II: Oboe, English Horn *Reed: III Bb Clarinet Reed IV Bassoon *Trumpets I & II Trumpet III French Horn *Trombone I Trombone II *Percussion (Timpani, Dumpeg, Bells, Xylophone, Drums) Violins I & II Viola Cello *Bass *Guitar/Oud *Accordion (BOUZOUKI, Mandolin, Dumbeg, Guitar and Oud preferably onstage) *Reduced musicians