Cast7 total (3 F and 4 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation

Premiering on Broadway with Montgomery Clift and Edmund Gwenn in leading roles, this comedy is about the triumph of an old sea captain over a sadistic spinster sister was an early triumph for Tennessee Williams. Although the home in which she lived and ruled and the income on which she thrived in piety and pretension were her brother’s, she had got him under her thumb after he had gone on a binge in the Caribbean, foundered his ship, and suffered the dishonor of losing his skipper’s certificate. The return of the waif the skipper had brought up, revives his will to fight. His chance comes when he senses that a deep love has sprung up between his foster son and his daughter, a love thwarted by the girl’s spinster aunt. The skipper’s greatest difficulty lies in overcoming the fears and reticence that have been instilled in the boy and the girl.