Original titleWOMEN OF TROY
Cast9 total (5 F and 4 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
AdaptorDon Taylor
This is the only preserved piece from Euripides’ three tragedies that deal with the prelude to the battle of Troy, the battle itself and the postlude. Affected by the most violent wars of his time, Euripides provided a horrendous portrayal of the brutality of the victors and the despair of defeat. The poet is an uncompromisingly opposed to the war and to war itself. The dark side of the Homeric depiction of heroism is exposed. Thus, the main characters of this story are only women: the victims of war. They have lost fathers, men and sons; leave their town – left to an unknown destiny as slaves in a foreign country. Don Taylor’s version of the play premiered with great success at the Royal National Theatre in London: ”A radical interpretation of Euripides’ great tragedy.” 4 Stars - Evening Standard / ”Feverish energy […] Atmospherically impressive […]” - Guardian