Original titleWOLF LULLABY
Cast4 total (2 F and 2 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
TranslatorJacob Hirdwall
This sensational Australian drama comes with several awards. And quite right so. In a most gripping way, it deals with an issue that inevitably changes the lives of the people involved. As what makes a child commit murder? The story takes place in a far away town in Tasmania, where a young boy is murdered. Soon afterwards, suspicions fall upon the nine years old Lizzie. Even her young mother Angela is somehow convinced that it was her own daughter’s doing and so she is left with the heartbreaking and impossible choice, of either ignoring her own intuition or going to the police. Also Lizzie’s father, who is divorced from Angela, and the local police officer, have their views on life put seriously to the test during the play. The title refers to a wolf that occurs in Lizzie’s dreams which she feels is swallowing her – so a symbol of an irrational evilness that possesses people of all ages. Furthermore, WOLF LULLABY is based on real events from England and America of late and it welcomes thoughts on how one can possibly cope with such unfathomable tragedies in life.