Cast9 total (4 F and 5 M)
Comment+ 1 girl and 1 boy
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
LanguagesSwedish, English

The work plays out in 1940 and portrays an idealistic German, Kurt, who flees Hitler’s Germany with his American wife and children and finds sanctuary with his wife’s family in the United States. He hopes for a respite from the dangerous work in which he has been involved, but his desire for personal safety soon comes into conflict with the deeply held beliefs that have made him an active anti-Nazi. In the end his conscience cannot be compromised, and he must return to Germany and the resistance movement. But another European house guest has found out his identity and that there is a price on Kurt’s head …

Told in compelling, human terms, the play is an eloquent and stirring tribute to the brave men and women who, despite all odds, struggled early on to stem the tide of fascism which was soon to spread throughout Europe and the world.