Original titleWAR OF THE ROSES, THE
Cast12 total (4 F and 8 M)
Variable cast sizeYes
RepresentationNordic representation
LanguagesDanish, English

Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny De Vito starred in the movie based on Warren Adler’s tragicomic novel. Oliver and Barbara Rose have been married for 18 years. Now, Barbara wants a divorce, but when it comes to the house none of them want to give it up. Their lawyers attempt to make them reconcile, but it is too late. Oliver and Barbara become more and more savage in their escalating battle for the house – pure evil emerges and it becomes a matter of life and death… The assassination attempts become wilder, and soon the former loving and happy couple live under belligerent conditions. The terror in this unpredictable and hilarious tragicomedy knows no boundaries.

“Warren Adler writes with skill and a sense of scene.” – New York Times / “Warren Adler surveys the terrain [of marital strife] with mordant wit. This accomplished tale […] builds to a baleful yet all-too-believable climax.” – Cosmopolitan / “The War of the Roses is a clever look at the break-up of a marriage […] It is Adler’s achievement that he makes the most bizarre actions of each (party) seem logical under the circumstances […] Both frightening and revealing.” – Washington Star