Original titleVOICES IN THE DARK
Cast6 total (1 F and 5 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
Dr. Lil is a successful psychiatrist with her own radio show in which she assists listeners with difficult personal problems. A caller with a husky voice identifies himself as Deamon and informs her that he intends to murder a woman. Deeply affected by the call, she decides to go on a winter holiday in the mountains with her husband. However, her husband never arrives, and Deamon calls her at the snow cabin and reveals that she is the woman he intends to kill. This causes Pielmeier to insert a series of faces into the story – characters which are all suspected lunatics because of their unmotivated appearances. Suddenly the lights go out and the phone is disconnected. Deamon knocks on the door. Alone, with no car and a raging snowstorm outside, she fights for her life, armed with a butcher knife. The play follows the rules of the classic horror story and managed to thrill the New York audience.