Original titleVISEN OM SIDSEL
Cast9 total (4 F and 5 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationWorldwide representation
A comedy about survival and identity in Copenhagen in the 1720’s. 1724: Copenhagen stinks. The contents from the chamber pots flows in the gutters. The atmosphere is characterized by returned war disturbed soldiers, unrestrained cheerfulness and a growing religiousness. Sidsel leaves her illegitimate child in the northern rural part of the country and moves to the big city as a wet nurse. When she runs out of milk, she takes her life into her own hands and disguises herself as a man. This is the story of her life, the marriage with a local woman and her infatuation with the soldier Louis. The citizens of the neighbourhood all knew Anders Lorentz Radelfart from Thy, who turned out to be Sidsel. A woman who dressed in trousers, took a man's liberties and ended in prison. Later, everybody knew the song about Sidsel. It was about longing and desire, love and deception.