Original titleVILLENDER
Cast7 total (3 F and 4 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationWorldwide representation
Starting from the saga about the princes who were turned into wild ducks and their sister, the princess who in attempt to keep her life, is forced to weave clothes to them. Jesper Halle has written a riveting and poetic drama which takes place in a remote madhouse in the 1930ies. A young and beautiful patient believes that she is the princess and has sworn to never talk, laugh or cry but to weave three shirts out of beautiful cotton grass in order to get released from her curse. The new hospital nurse Johannes, who is gradually attracted and obsessed by the riddling woman, is very irritated because of all this even though he is about to make her pregnant. The child is mysteriously murdered by the other inhabitants of the house; the creepy female helper Signy; The paedophile former teacher, The Chamberlain, who cut off his testicles because he got 11 children with his students. We meet other characters such as a guy who killed his entire family at a farm, a pig with a bell around its neck, a freak who obtained her name because she grunts like a pig. In the midst of a great fire, redemption is finally achieved.