VHS VS BETAMAX, Teatret Svalegangen 2017 © Montgomery


Original titleVHS VS. BETAMAX
Cast4 total (2 F and 2 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationWorldwide representation

The year is 1979. Axel and Tommy have decided to start a home video rental store. Axel is the quality-conscious schoolteacher with a great love for French movie-classics and the Betamax format, while Tommy is convinced that VHS and more plain movies are the future. As Tommy manages to create a commercial success of the VHS-rental he turns Axel’s dream of creating a cultural Mecca into a family run VHS-empire accompanied by booze, thirst for revenge and action movies by the metre.

A walk down memory lane of the 80s telling a story about the battle between so-called ‘highbrow’ and plain/popular culture, with fine parallels to the political dichotomies of our time about the elite opposite the bumpkins.