Original titleVARASTO
Cast9 total (2 F and 7 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
Rousku and Raninen drag paint cans and wallpaper around the stockroom of a paint store. Rousku supplements his income by stealing and selling goods, but management is beginning to notice odd disappearances. On top of this, the salesclerk Karita is pregnant and blackmailing Rousku: take responsibility for the child or she'll squeal on him to the boss. Rousku decides that under the circumstances anything goes, including framing an innocent co-worker. Stockroom is a bleak and macabre portrayal of a divided society, where morality can exist only in inverse proportion to how hard an individual is pressed. The play does not contain any characters which might be called pleasant, but it is full of tough humour, biting dialogue, and sharp social critique.