UND DANN KAM MIRNA, Staatstheater Nürnberg 2016 © Bührle


Cast2 total (2 F)
CommentVariable gender distribution
Variable cast sizeYes
RepresentationNordic representation
TranslatorMaria Tellander
LanguagesSwedish, English

Why become a mother when I hate my own? The young desperadoes from Sibylle bergs UND JETZT: DIE WELT! ODER ES SAGT MIR NICHTS, DAS SOGENNANNTE DRAUSSEN have become mothers and so a new madness breaks out. The glorious career never happened and the awareness of being appallingly average increases meanwhile the energy to do something about it decreases.
With her usual sarcastic sense of humour Sibylle Berg spears contemporary moms while debating adult themes like gender, capitalism, climate changes and civil wars.


UND DANN KAM MIRNA, Staatstheater Nürnberg © Staatstheater Nürnberg