Cast12 total (3 F and 9 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
LanguagesDanish, Norwegian, Swedish
3 F / 9 M / Ballet A full-length musical in 2 acts 1 Set This is yet a modern adaptation of a Shakespeare play, and in this version it comes with an added rock music score. TWO MEN OF VERONA is the story of two friends; the noble Valentine and the very ignoble Proteus. Together they leave Verona in favour of seeking their fortune at the Imperial Court in Milano. However, their intentions are complicated slightly by two young women. Firstly Proteus’ ex-girlfriend Julia from Verona, who has followed him to Milano disguised as a young lad. Secondly, there is the Emperor’s daughter Silvia, who is in love with Valentine though wooed by Proteus because of her title. Eventually it comes to a happy ending when the right people fall in love mutually, as the point of the show is that everyone is adaptable. Orchestration: Piano-Celeste (Piano Conductor’s Score) Bass (Electric, Classical and Stage Guitar) Drums, Percussion Drums: trap drum set Percussion: conga drum, cabasa, tambourine, timpani, cow bell and suspended cymbal Reed: Baritone Saxophone doubling Piccolo, Flute Clarinet and Alto Saxophone Trumpets I & II Trumpet III Trombone I Trombone II *Violins I & II *Viola *Cello *String Quartet players should double on various percussion instruments ad libitum at the discretion of the conductor.Based on the play by William Shakespeare