Original titleSWING SISTERS, THE
Cast5 total (3 F and 2 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationWorldwide representation
It is the story of three friends who form a musical trio. They start their career in acting at school dances, then get the exposure on a smaller restaurant "Montgomery" where they will be successful. Finally, as a reputable singing trio succeeds for the girls to come to perform at the famous restaurant in Copenhagen "Ambassadeur". But the road to success, personal and career costs. The show was performed at Hvidovre Theatre in the fall of 1992, when the press was proclaimed the Year musical success. Swing Sisters is a musical built around the music of the late 40s. It is a great variegated musical bouquet ranging from Kai Nornann Andersen, Cole Porter to Andrew Sisters. The show gives a musical time image from Denmark 1945-1950, where singers like "Swing Sisters" appear around the most famous Copenhagen dancing establishments.