Original titleROCK 'N' ROLL
Cast12 total (5 F and 7 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
The play is about the contrasting fates of two worlds: The Czechoslovakian freedom fighters and the academic Marxists at Cambridge. The freedom fighters are represented by Jan, a fugitive Czechoslovak who returns to Prague during “the Prague Spring” in 1968, and who finds himself pulled into the events even though he primarily is a rock-loving pacifist. The left-wing Brits are personified by Max who is a member of the communist party and teaches philosophy. He lives with his wife, a Sapho-expert named Elanor who opposes her husband’s materialistic view of the world. Stoppard suggests that the fall of communism was not driven by political or economical powers, but rather that a change in spirit and perception became the ultimate triumph for the ethos of the sixties, consisting of peace-and-love, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. This extraordinary drama is both a witty, intellectual and dramatic play about politics, persecution and rebellion. "What is fascinating about the play is that there are no easy victories. (...) But the remarkable thing about the play is that it touches on so many themes, registers its lament at the erosion of freedom in our society and yet leaves you cheered by its wit, buoyancy and belief in the human spirit." - The Guardian / “It remains an impressive play, likely to expand in the mind." - The Independent