Original titleRÅTTFÅNGAREN
AgegroupChildren and Young People
Cast14 total (5 F and 9 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationWorldwide representation
This rock musical – based on the old folktale about the rat catcher from Hamelin – is framed by a gloomy character: The ghost, who takes us back in time where we follow his younger self – Club Foot, the main character of the tale. The story takes place in a little town that has been a peaceful society up until now. Evil forces from outside in the form of the rats, are threatening its existence. Evil lurks everywhere, whilst the socially ostracised Club Foot is fighting a tough battle, not only against the rats, but also against hypocrisy and the condemnation of his surroundings. The strength to fight comes to him with the help of the rat catcher, and especially from the love he feels for the beautiful Lovisa. The rat catcher deals with the battle between chaos and cosmos, makes room for both humour and the demonic, and - in particular - a different and unsentimental ending. ORCHESTRATION: Drums Electric Bass Keyboard Trombones Cello Electric Guitar