Original titlePRIDE, THE
Cast4 total (1 F and 3 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
This critically acclaimed debut from Campbell focuses on the suffering and love life of two men and a woman. The play takes place in 1958 and 2008. In 1958, Oliver is married to Sylvia whilst Philip is in love with him. In 2008, Philip is rolling in casual relationships whilst Sylvia is in love with both men. Campbell’s scenario deals with societal repression and defamation on one side (1958) and the liberated experimental sexuality on the other side (2008). The play is an interesting study on the cultural and social development taking place in western society during the past 50 years. Premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in 2008: “The debut of the year!“ - Variety / ”[…] an excellent The Pride. [...] marks the debut of a fledgling writer whose voice on this evidence is already astonishingly fully formerd.“ - The Herald Tribune / “Impressive debut“ - The Times / “This is a searching, moving, thoroughly grown-up play, and a remarkable debut from a writer whom I am impatient to hear more.“ - The Daily Telegraph.