PIT BULL, Uppsala Stadsteater 2020 © Micke Sandström


Original titlePIT BULL
Cast5 total (2 F and 3 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
LanguagesSwedish, English, French

This play resembles a laconic poem, which in a seductive manner tells the story about a group of forgotten young souls, living in the concrete hell of suburbia: the philosophical poet Thomas who is going down on heroin while his cousin Princess seeks comfort in God. Thomas’ devoted admireress, Leila looses everything when her brother jumps from a tall building and her Muslim father denies her existence. Nevertheless, beneath the cold poetry, a sense of hope and belief in the dream effervesce passionately, which makes this work difficult to put down. It has been performed in Paris, Berlin, Warsaw and London.