Original titleNUR NACHTS
Cast5 total (2 F and 3 M)
CommentVariable gender distribution
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationRepresentation of translation
TranslatorMaria Tellander

Petra and Peter, both about to step beyond the preferred target age for advertising, meet at a cocktail party. The misery of their mediocrity, the sense of failure despite a comfortable income, draws them together almost magically. They decide to get married, to move away together to a strange town. No more half-baked dreams of romanticism, of great unconditional love. Who knows, maybe you can find more happiness with someone who is not a prince or a princess, but who can make you feel safe and at home? But long-held preconceptions can’t be shed so easily: two ghosts return to haunt Petra and Peter, intent on sabotaging their marriage.