Original titleNOSTALGIE 2175
Cast3 total (1 F and 2 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
TranslatorMaria Tellander
LanguagesSwedish, Norwegian
The year is 2175. The temperature is 60 degrees C. The ozone layer and the sun have disappeared and the memories of how life once was are revived through old VHS tapes. Although colours, sounds, plants and animals no longer exist, the will to live and to love still do. Pagona cannot touch her beloved because his skin has been burned in the hostile environment and she becomes pregnant with his boss. Only 2% of all mothers survive in childbirth, but she decides for the baby and her uncertain fate. Anja Hilling’s text is a poem as much as it is a dramatic text. It is a love declaration for life at the same time as it is an apocalyptic warning from the future that looks back at what’s lost which still is in our hands.