Original titleNO MAN'S LAND
Cast4 total (4 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
TranslatorÅke Englund
TranslatorÖsten Rudal
LanguagesSwedish, Nynorsk, Danish
4 M Drama in two acts 1 Set This play takes place on a summer’s night in a large house in North West London. We follow Hirst, who is an elderly, wealthy author and seemingly alcoholic. On Hampstead Heath, he has met the shabby and chatty gentleman Spooner whom he invites home for a drink. Spooner tries to ingratiate himself with his host, by offering him his friendship. Soon they are involved in a mutually offensive conversation about the past or at least the kind of past, which they attempt to present as the true picture of the past. Later on, a couple of younger men appear, Foster and Briggs. As it turns out, they are employed as servants for Hirst. Shortly they ruin the trustful relationship that is building between Hirst and Spooner and so it appears who are the real masters in the house.