Original titleNIGHT AND DAY
Cast7 total (1 F and 6 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
NIGHT AND DAY premiered at London's Phoenix Theatre, November 1978. Tom Stoppard's stimulating, humorous play NIGHT AND DAY is set in a fictional African country, Kambawe, which is ruled by a leader not unlike Idi Amin. The nation is faced with a Soviet-backed revolution which swiftly attracts news reporters from around the world. Using the characters of the play, Stoppard pits the ideal of a free Press against that of working-class solidarity. During the course of the play, each character is given an opportunity to make his case heard as the revolution unfolds. "In his new play, Tom Stoppard turns in his license as a brilliant comedian of ideas for a new 'seriousness'...Night and Day shows this dazzling playwright very much in transition" Jack Kroll, Newsweek "Night and Day finds Stoppard in an interesting transitional phase where, without shelving his own mad cap, he is trying on Bernard Shaw's dialectical beard", T.E. Kalem, Time