Cast29 total (11 F and 18 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationWorldwide representation
Marie Antoinette was one of her time’s most controversial personas and was therefore often criticised, not least because of her repeatedly sinful manners at the court of Ludvig XVI’s. She lived during the French Revolution with its request for ‘Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity’. Yet, her liberal and obstinate lifestyle was not accepted, so hence her forced death. Also, being of such a vigorous nature she could not stand the French king’s weak character and so she fell in love with the beautiful Axel von Fersen, which only put them both in great danger. It stands as one of most amazing dramatic musicals that has been staged in Denmark of late. ORCHESTRATION: Piano/Synth. Flute/Piccolo Oboe Clarinet/Bass Clarinet Trumpets I & II Trombone Guitar Bass Drums (incl. Chinese, Crash, Triangle, Tamborine) Percussion (incl. Chimes, 3 Temple Blocks, Vibraslap, 3 Tam Tam, Conga, Shaker, Metal Wind Chimes, Castagnettes and Cow Bell) Possibly sequenced: Violins I & II Viola Cello