KOLLEKTIVET, Tallinna Linnateater 2019 © Siim Vahur


Original titleKOLLEKTIVET
Cast9 total (5 F and 4 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationWorldwide representation
LanguagesDanish, English, German

Copenhagen 1975: Erik, an architect, has inherited his childhood home, a huge villa, from his parents. He, his wife, Anna, and their best friend, Ole, decides to form a commune based on the hippie ideals of the time. One after another a colorful crowd of half intellectual and creative people move in, among them a beautiful bourgeois minded woman, Emma, with whom Erik begins a relationship that leads to Anna’s expulsion from the commune. A cruel drama in which also the married couple’s teenager daughter, Freja, stands. Parallel to this, the play is a warm and hilarious look at the hippie spirit: house meetings and voting, elderflower tea from organic production collectives, free sex, alcohol and weed, Mao, Marx, Lenin, USA and Vietnam etc. First produced at Burgtheater in 2011.