Cast5 total (4 F and 1 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationWorldwide representation
ComposerHans Hansen
Play / Theatrical koncert In KØDKARRUSELLEN, Lollike takes us into the world of a prostitute, thus depicting a world that most of us have an opinion about but few of us really know. In a blend of adventure and hard realism, 5 prostitutes – an old whore, a young newcomer, the playboy, a male prostitute and a transsexual tell us about their lives, their upbringing, their solidarity and partners. We learn how they satisfy their costumers, we hear about the competition going on between them, their solidarity and hopes, and it becomes evident that for many of them, their line of work has heavy consequences. Large parts of the text are based on interviews with sex workers. 11 songs have been written for this play, which can be performed with or without the songs. Premiered at Aarhus Teater, 2009.