Original titleHÅNDVÆRKERNE
Cast11 total (4 F and 7 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationWorldwide representation
LanguagesSwedish, Norwegian, English
A married couple has bought a ramshackle hovel in the countryside in order to fulfill their dreams and lead a better life. Now it’s time to restore the ruin. The work is of course carried out by illegal workmen, because if you’re a good person, it’s okay. From this point on, the workmen are in complete control. They decide everything because they know everything. Eventually, this reign of horror brings out the worst in the good couple. ”There are laughs and frights when the soft violinist and his sweet wife in their blind obsession with the perfect life become manipulated by a bunch of rude and very intimidating workmen who milk them for money, whilst the anger boils over. [...] Knutzon’s derelict property is a wonderful comedy for a time with a lot of equity but no values. See it before your plumber.” – Berlingske Tidende