Original titleGARDEROBEN
Cast5 total (4 F and 1 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationWorldwide representation
TranslatorWolfgang Butt
This is a black humoristic Swedish drama about the generation of 68 and their ideal youth. Barbro, a former feminist and divorced woman in her mid 50’ies, is about to move from a house to a smaller flat as the youngest of her children is about to move away from home. Her best friend, Gunnel, who is also a former feminist and now single, comes over to help Barbro pack and clean out the wardrobe. This awakes many memories, good as well as bad, and these inspire a big cleansing process, which includes all of the play’s characters. When Barbro’s two oldest children come over the intensity of the drama expands over the generations. The liberation thoughts of the 60’ies and the 70’ies as well as the fight against the bourgeoisie prison are dealt with in a hilarious manner – these thoughts still exist in the dust from the feministic rebellion of the mothers and are also compared to the youth of the present. The play is also about getting older, about letting go of old values and adjusting to new times, about family and friends, about love and domestic violence.