ERIK MENNESKESØN BANNER © grafiker Hervard Olander Merved – Montagebureauet, Per Leth-Nissen


Cast9 total (3 F and 6 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationWorldwide representation

Orchestra: keyboard 1 & 2, Guitar, Bass, Percussion and drums.

Erik, a young and a slightly neglected teenager of our world, is picked up by Thor, the god of thunder, to the legendary world of the Norse gods, Asgaard. The young Nordic goddess Idun has been kidnapped by the giants; she is the guardian of the gods’ life apples, which keep them young and fresh.

Erik has been selected by the gods to travel to Jotumheim to find her, and together with Thor’s beautiful daughter Trud, he sets out on the dangerous journey. Trud and he became lovers; this evokes the morbid jealousy of the giant Tjalfe and from now on Erik realizes that henceforth he is being persecuted and threatened on his life by him. On their journey Erik gains an insight in the need for peace between Asgaard and Jotunheim. However, it requires a fateful confrontation with the king of the gods, Odin, a showdown with the Völuspá – as well as a difficult choice between the two nations and the two girls that he loves.

The books and the musical has been written as an image of the timeless tendency to intolerance, fear and hatred between the east and the west, which still characterizes many wars in our world. But it is also a warm message of hope for unity and a better future.
The moods of the play and the music are from the time of Old Norse and the time of the sagas, the age of the Vikings, youth and love.

The music ranges from classic national romantic, with inspiration from film music, folk, pop/rock and heavy metal.