THE DUMB WAITER, Kanon Produksjon 2020 © Gunstein Myre


Original titleDUMB WAITER, THE
Cast2 total (2 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
TranslatorÅke Englund
TranslatorÖsten Rudal
LanguagesDanish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, Icelandic

Two contract killers are awaiting their next order in a basement that turns out to be a former restaurant kitchen. The most dominating of the two, Ben is having contact to the outside world via an old communication pipe. Furthermore, there is an old food lift that provides them with orders, which they obviously will never prepare. Gus is seen worrying about who is to be their next victim, though he soon realises when after a short leave from the room, he is surprised by Ben, aiming his gun at Gus with his finger on the trigger.