Original titleCAN-CAN
Cast19 total (14 F and 5 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
LyricistCole Porter
LanguagesDanish, Swedish
14 F / 5 M / Choir / Ballet A full-length musical in 2 acts 10 sets The play takes place in Paris in 1893 and we follow the officious and novice judge, Aristide Forestier who has decided to take lead in a rectification movement. His first target is a group of young women, whose cancan dancing he believes is offending the moral codex in Paris. So Aristide travels to Montmartre in order to investigate the case personally. And not only does he find evidence of its existence, he also falls in love with La Mome Pistache, who owns the café where the alluring cancan takes place. The musical contains the famous ballet, ‘Garden of Eden’ along with many of Cole Porters best melodies. Orchestration: 2 Violin AC doubles Accordion 1 Violin BD 1 Viola 1 Cello 1 Bass and optional Tuba 1 Reed I: Flute, Piccolo and Clarinet 1 Reed II: Oboe and English Horn 1 Reed III: Eb Clarinet, Bb Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Alto Sax 1 Reed IV: Flute and Clarinet 1 Reed V: Clarinet and Bassoon 1 Horns I & II 1 Horns III 1 Trumpets I & II 1 Trombone – optional Euphonium 1 Percussion 1 Piano – Celeste (Piano Conductor’s Score 1 Guitar – doubles Violin BD