Original titleBOMBSONG
Cast1 total (1 F)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
TranslatorMaria Tellander
AuthorThea Dorn
Thea Dorn unfolds, as a monodrama, the psychogram of a female suicide bomber. Repelled by the luxury in which she grows up, disgusted by the untroubled, pampered life she leads in her parent's house, yearning for a meaningful and heroic life, a germ of resistance takes root within a woman whose life appears so inconspicuous on the outside. Armed with the bomb or the biscuits, with the pyjamas kept in a little red children's valise, the protagonist strives to make contact with reality. In her music Ulrike Haage plays with inner sounds. She explores the musical tensions between electronics and acoustic instruments, between traditional song genres and flowing sounds, words and concrete moods. The central character is placed in a musical context. The lyrics of the Bombsong were written in August 2001, and the composition was completed by the end of September 2001.