Original titleASPECTS OF LOVE
Cast19 total (4 F and 15 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
LyricistDon Black
LyricistCharles Hart
4 F / 15 M / Choir 24 sets This is yet another English hit musical by the same people who wrote Phantom of The Opera and it has achieved great success, for several seasons in London’s West End. The action takes place in France during the years following the Second World War and up until the last French colonial wars in the early sixties. It revolves around the complicated love affairs between artists and upper class people, partly with remnants from the past but also based on the kind of new liberty, as seen in the existentialistic relationship between Satre and Simone de Beauvoir The show includes many well-known songs, among others the popular ‘Love Changes Everything’ and ‘First Man You Remember’. It is a musical dealing with complicated relationships from the near past, truly well written and highly entertaining. Orchestration: Conductor Score 1 and 2 act Violin I Violin II Viola Cello Bass Reed I: Flute and Piccolo Reed II: Qboe and C. Anglais Reed III: Clarinet Bb Reed IV: Saxophone Horn Synthesizer Harp