Original titleALADDIN
Cast18 total (8 F and 10 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationWorldwide representation
Sebastian's musicalversion of the famous story about Aladdins adventures, where he meets the spirit of the lamp, who can bring him to whereever he wants and give him all the treasures of the world. But the good things do not always come without problems. Additional music by Morten Kærså, better known as leading member of the band Moonjam. A performance for audiences of all ages, which builds on Oehlenschläger's adaptation. Aladdin is recognized as one of the most important works of Oehlenschlägerin spite of his young age, when he wrote it. Combined with Sebastians catchy music, you are nearly belly dancing when you walk home. Orchestration: Full score: Vocal, Chorus, piano sax and clarinet