Cast1 total (1 M)
CommentVariable gender distribution
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
LyricistRory Six
ComposerRory Six
AuthorRory Six

A TOUCH OF COLOR is a touching, heartwarming and humorous one-man/one-woman musical about being born in the ‘wrong’ body. The musical takes its starting point on the day before the operation when Klaus will become Helena. The story is well-written containing beautiful, melodic and relevant songs that takes us on a journey back to when Klaus as a boy secretly wore his mother’s dresses and her makeup.

The musical portrays the difficult balancing act of navigating emotions and misunderstandings that one can encounter being transgender; getting married and having children who suddenly must decide whether to call their parent father or mother; or the challenge of being accepted by one’s best friends and by society in general. And then there is the loneliness…