Cast10 total (5 F and 5 M)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationNordic representation
It is Saturday night in the provincial club A-GO-GO and three boys and four girls are out trying to catch a date. Desperately the girls try to look like Twiggy, Sandy Shaw or Dusty Springfield while the boys -wearing their suits - want to look like Donovan or one of the members of The Beatles. Behind the appearances, the girls virginal Barbara Cartland-hearts are beating. It beats lower down the body parts of the boys. That evening Sue dates Gary who flirts with Penny and all the other girls who look at him. Sharon is mad about Rick and the other way round, but none of them have the courage to take the initiative. Eddie is fascinated by Bridget but she doesn't like anyone. In this way the hormones - just in front of the ageing rocker and owner of the club Eric (Rubber-legs) De Veres' eyes - are loosened for a free rein. The music is a mix of famous numbers of the 60'ties - from Cliff Richard & The Shadows to Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones and The Beatles. During the performance it is impossible to sit still - neither the adults nor the young ones can. Songs: A Slice of Saturday Night Club A-GO-GO Waiting Saturday Night Chat Seventeen Don’t Touch Me! Twiggy Cliff Love On Our Side What Do I Do Now What Do You Do If You Wanna Have Fun Long Walk Back Romance/Wham Bam Boy Of My Dreams It Wouldn’t Be Saturday Night Without A Fight Opening act II Eric’s Hockey-Cokey Shuffle I Fancy You Sentimental Eyes Heart Breaker Eric’s Gonna Keep Going Oh So Bad Please Don’t Tell Me You’re – Oh, So… Lies Baby I Love You P.E. Who’d Be Seventeen Last Saturday Night Finale Orchesta: Keyboard Guitar Bass Drums