6 P LR K (5EX P O C)

Original title6 P LR K
AgegroupChildren and Young People
Cast2 total (2 F)
Variable cast sizeNo
RepresentationWorldwide representation
TranslatorKim Dambæk
LanguagesDanish, Swedish, English

6: SEX, Absolutely the bravest thing to choose.
P: Porn, if you don’t dare to choose 6.
K: chicKen, now you’re out of the game!
Maria and Sara are friends, or so they used to be, until Maria receives a text saying “5EX P O C?” (“Sex – Porn – or Chicken?”) and replies “P”. Maria is brought into a text-game that flourishes within the tough crowd centered around Jacob Just. A game she’s willing to play, because she’s in love with him. It’s about sex, about giving and receiving sexual challenges – the braver you are, the better. Sara is not invited into the game, though. She feels betrayed by Maria and interferes in order to win Maria back. But Maria doesn’t want to come back, she won’t listen to Sara or her father for that matter. The game goes too far, involving the homepage x-sited.dk and now they tell their raw stories!

The play has been performed in several countries and was nominated for The Nordic Playwrights Prize in 2010.