Original title13 OBJECTS
CastCast is not defined
Variable cast sizeYes
RepresentationNordic representation

A spade. A cup and saucer. A medal. A pair of shoes. A rattle. A camera. A ring. A painting. A pair of spectacles. An urn. A postcard. A bucket. A drum. 13 objects. Everyday. Dull. Mundane. But what if one was capable of inspiring tears? Or a great passion? Even a war. The play explores the intimate connection we often make with everyday objects. although familiar and mundane in themselves, they can resonate with intense memories or extreme feelings. Here a series of simple items inspire a moment of great sorrow, joy, pain, anger, even a substitute for the identity of a human being. Powerful poetic language, provocative ideas and rich, dark humour build a compelling and fascinating exploration of the secret lives of everyday objects.