Gore Vidal

Birthplace: West Point, New York Gore Vidal made a name for himself right after World War II with his first few novels, especially WILLIWAW (1946) and THE CITY AND THE PILLAR (1948). Since then he has become one of America's foremost celebrity authors, famous for his prose, his intelligence and his sophisticated sassiness. Visible as an all-purpose guest commentator on television since the 1950s, Vidal has also appeared in the movies, including BOB ROBERTS (1992) and GATTACA (1997, starring Ethan Hawke). Vidal wrote the hit Broadway play VISIT TO A SMALL PLANET (1955), and the hit book MYRA BRECKENRIDGE (1968), and a very successful and critically-acclaimed series of historical novels about the United States, including BURR (1973), 1876 (1976), EMPIRE (1989), HOLLYWOOD (1989) and THE GOLDEN AGE (2000).