Frank Ulrich Marcus (1928-1996) was a Jewish German actor and playwright. Marcus and his family came to England as refugees in 1939. Until 1943 he attended Bunce Court School at Lenham, near Faversham in Kent, (a school founded by Anna Essinger, a German Jewish-Quaker who had started a private school in southern Germany, which was relocated to England in 1933). He then spent a year at Saint Martins School of Art. He started as an actor and playwright with the International Theatre Group and the Unity Theatre. In 1951 he married actress Jacqueline Sylvester, who collaborated with him on some of his plays. His plays were noted for their strong parts for female actors, such as in his one big success, The Killing of Sister George, starring Beryl Reid, which was later made into a film. As well as his own plays he made several translations and adaptations from his native German. He worked as Theatre Critic for The Sunday Telegraph between 1968 and 1978. After a long struggle with Parkinson's disease he died in London, 5 August 1996.